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A Round of A-Paws

Kudos from our
Furry Project Managers

Due to the nature of our work, we are invited into a different clients’ home nearly every week. Because of this, we have the pleasure of getting to know their furry family members while on the job. These fur-babies are often curious, cautious, and want to be involved in every aspect of the project. When the project is complete there is always a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction, but also sadness at leaving the pets behind that we have come to enjoy throughout our days. Therefore, we decided to create a space to these friends. We hope you enjoy reading about our furry project managers!

During the third week in October Castle Dimensions finished this master bathroom for clients in Vail, AZ. Everyday, the clients dog Nadira was on hand to inspect our work and make sure we were doing a good job. Here she is supervising our tile work, ensuring that all was up to her very high standards. Nadira gave us Two Paws Up and we will miss her when we move on to a different job. Thanks, Nadira for letting us into your home!

October 2021
Vail, AZ
nadira 2.JPG
nadira 1.JPG
January 2022
Tucson, AZ


The Castle Dimensions crew spent much of January remodeling a master bathroom and building a balcony at the same house here in Tucson. We enjoyed turning our clients’ vision into a reality and they are thrilled with their new bathroom and deck.

While we spent time in their home, we met a new furry friend, Max. Max spent a lot of his time downstairs while we worked upstairs, however, occasionally, he joined us on the construction site to supervise our work and get some attention from the Castle crew during his visits.

We will miss seeing Max, but look forward to meeting other furry friends soon!


April, 2022
Mr. Jingles
Tucson, AZ


In April 2022, Castle Dimensions had the privilege of re-tiling a shower and bathtub surround of a friendly, fluffy white dog friend named Jingles. Jingles quickly became our best friend, and we looked forward to seeing him on the job site every day. In the mornings, Jingles would hug each and every one of the Castle Dimensions crew, welcoming us to his home. While we were working, Jingles was sure to check in on us, happy to have new friends. When the job was finished, Jingles was sad to see us go, but maybe someday, we’ll see Mr. Jingles again if get to do another remodeling project in his house. Until next time Jingles!

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